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Audio vs Video Podcast: What Should You Start Making?5 min read

Mar 17, 2022 4 min

Audio vs Video Podcast: What Should You Start Making?5 min read

Reading Time: 4 minutes

“Hang on!” you may be thinking, “What on earth is a video podcast?”

Well, you have got a very good point.

A traditionalist would probably argue that a podcast is strictly audio. To a degree they are correct.

Video podcasts were a thing, however they have very much fallen out of favour, so much so that compatibility for video podcast is very few and far between. Most podcast players nowadays will be strictly audio.

What do I mean by a video podcast?

Podcaster are rightly using all the tools to their disposal in order to gain more consumers of their podcast. This means releasing their content, or at least part of their content onto other mediums. Like Social Media or YouTube.

This is a highly effective way of getting your podcast further than by just relying on people to find your podcast through search, for example.

Re-Purposing Content

This process is called “Re-Purposing” it means that by taking once piece of “large content” i.e. your podcast episode. You can post about it almost everywhere;

  • On your blog
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
cottonbro at Pexels

You’ll notice in many of the above example video is key and a highly prized medium. In many cases, such as Facebook, content that is posted in video form will be given an “extra push” in people timelines.

Therefore, by having the video content to use alongside your audio podcast can be an effective marketing tool in order to reach a new audience.

That’s why, in modern times, I’d high advise anyway to try and add a string of video into their podcast creation process.

How Can I Add Video Into My Podcast

Gaining the added benefit of video can be achieved in a few different ways…

1. Record Yourself on Your Phone or Webcam

adding video into a podcast using your phone

If your podcast is just you talking, then a great idea would be to record a video of yourself whilst you are recording your audio.

This could be done on your phone if you have a handy selfie stand or, if you record at your computer, you could use a tool like OBS or Streamlabs to record a video of yourself through your webcam.

Once you’ve done this, you need to get a simple video editing tool to stitch the video and the audio together. Cut out all your favourite clips and you’ve got yourself some great social media posts.

2. Use a Video Conferencing

Anna Shvets at Pexels

If you record your podcast over virtual meeting software, like Zoom or Teams, then you can use them to record these sessions alongside your audio recording.

It’s important to remember that you can’t really rely on audio recording from the meeting software itself. This audio is highly compressed to eliminate drop outs in calls so you’ll need to each record your audio locally alongside Zoom.

Marrying up this video and the audio can be a bit of a nightmare, that’s why I always use for my podcast the next suggestion.

3. Using a video platform

With so many people recording remotely over the pandemic, recording platforms really exploded and I can see why, they make the faff of recording a podcast with video so much easier, particular if you have guest who arn’t tech savy a platform like Riverside.fm.

This is my personal preference for adding video to my podcast so I can share it on YouTube or social media channels.

3. Multi Camera Set Up

Terje Sollie at Pexels

Perhaps the most tricky of the lot, if you record the podcast with other people live in the same room then this gives some challenges.

Ideally want you want to do here is set up a studio like room with individual cameras pointing at each of your guests and hosts.

Hit record just before you start recording your podcast.

The tricky part here is going to be in the editting, as you will need to cut in the appropriate video track for the person speaking. However the ultimate output for that additional effort is something that will look really professional and will look great on social media.

Don’t Forget About YouTube

Pixabay at Pexels

YouTube is and remains the world 2nd most popular search engine. People use it to learn and discover this is why getting your podcast on YouTube is a highly advisable thing to do.

Many software will allow you to take your audio and overlay your podcast artwork or some title over the top so it becomes a video.

Word of caution with this is that it’s probably won’t be seen too highly by YouTube’s algorithm. Therefore, using recordings you’ve made will be much better and more likely to gain a push from YouTube.

I've been a digital marketing professional for many years working on a wide range of clients. In my past life I used to work in the radio world and thus combined the two into world of podcasting. I just want to help people get into podcasting and share all my advice and tips so people can start creating awesome audio content of their own.

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