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How to Find Guests For My Podcast and Get More Listeners3 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes Having guests on your podcast can be the secret to growing your podcast however it's essential to do it correctly.

Mar 26, 2022 3 min

How to Find Guests For My Podcast and Get More Listeners3 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Getting podcasts listeners is probably the number one concern of any budding podcaster.

It make sense to be too, once you’ve gone through all the effort of planning, making and publishing your podcast you’ll want to get people to listen to it, right?

You’ll get a while host of advice on who to increase your listenership.

Get onto social media, make a better podcast, etc and etc.

However, there is one tactic which you make not have considered and it’s sure-fire way of getting more listeners to your podcast.

The Power of Guests

Having guests on your show may seem a little surprising as the format of your show may be only having different guests on your show.

Well, the format is very powerful on increasing listenership, if it’s used correctly.

The reason guests are so powerful are due to your guest circle of influence, which maybe their social media following.

You’ll want to ensure that your guest posts about their appearance on your show and highlights exactly where they need to go to find it.

This way, you may gain a spike in listeners from your special and most popular guests.

However, you can’t rely your whole show on your guests, you need to ensure that at least a handful of those new listeners stick around as permanent listeners to your podcast.

The Common Pitfall

When a podcast leans into the idea that their guests will bring in a new audience each episode then it can be a slippery slope.

It’s important to ensure that you retain some of that audience for yourself by making yourself (as the host) and your show as sticky as possible.

This can only be achieved through a well-planned and organised interview and an generally entertaining show.

So don’t get too complacent!

Where to Find Podcast Guests?

Sometimes podcast guests can simply come from your own circle.

Your Own Circle

This could be collegeues or people you have worked with in the past. Friends or friends of friends even.

Social Media Followings

If you have an existing following on social media within your niche then this might be a great place to pick up some really excellent guests for your podcast.

Even if you’ve never communicated to your prospective guest before, don’t be afraid of a cold reach out on Twitter or Instagram and ask them if they’d be interested in being on your podcast.

What’s the worst they can say?

If you are really struggling to find engaging and relevant guests then go and check out a platform like is almost like a social media network specifically made for podcasters and podcast guests.

As a podcaster you can go and make a profile for your show and ask for guests within a certain niche to ask YOU to be on YOUR show.

Which is awesome. Think of time you’d save!

I’ve personally used both as a podcast show and as a guest and I’ve found both sides really, really useful and effective.

For a slightly limited account, you can get yourself signed up to for free. If you find it super useful, it’s well worth getting yourself a subscription!

Guests Are Growth Hacks But Use Them Wisely

Getting yourself some great guests on your podcast is a great growth hack for your listenership by making sure they shout about their appearance. However, just be sure to use those guest in the right way.

I've been a digital marketing professional for many years working on a wide range of clients. In my past life I used to work in the radio world and thus combined the two into world of podcasting. I just want to help people get into podcasting and share all my advice and tips so people can start creating awesome audio content of their own.

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