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Top Free Podcast Directories (With Links to Submission Forms)3 min read

Mar 26, 2022 3 min

Top Free Podcast Directories (With Links to Submission Forms)3 min read

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Marketing your podcast is all about getting it out in front as many people as possible.

There are loads of free podcast directories that are out there. Some are from names that you’ll know, because the most likely have a podcast player…some you might not know so much.

In order to get maximum podcast exposure you will want to make sure that your podcast appears in these top, free podcast directories.

If you don’t, have your XML feed link at the ready and submit your podcast now!

1) Apple Podcasts (formally iTunes)

This almost seems to be a given to be at the top of a podcast directories list. There was a point in history when a podcast only existed if it was on iTunes.

Nowadays however, it a big fish in a pond of equally big fish of podcast directories.

That being said, podcast consumption is high on smartphone and Apple devices make up a large proportion of those smartphone and they all come with Apple Podcasts baked in.

Not being on Apple Podcasts therefore, would be a big audience lost.

Submit your podcast here.

2) Spotify

Once the music streaming giant, now making huge waves in the podcasting space.

Controversially making headlines with their Spotify exclusive podcasts, something that doesn’t really sit well with me as a person who doesn’t consume podcasts on Spotify.

That being said, it’s a commercial move which has paid off as Spotify has become one of the biggest audio platforms for podcasts.

Making sure you’ve got your podcast on Spotify would be the smart choice in these modern times.

Submit your podcast to Spotify here.

3) Google Podcasts / Google Search

You can get your podcast on Google search. Which is a bigger deal than it sounds because everyone searches for everything on Google.

Quite the latecomer to the podcasting space, Google Podcasts released in 2018, as Google finally became aware of the resurgence of podcasting.

With this, it also launched its Google Podcast Manager tool, which is Google’s interface into its own podcast directory.

Worth remembering that by entering your podcast here you enter into the Google Assistant ecosystem, which allows.your podcast to be listened to on a huge amount of smart speakers.

If you want to appear on the search engine that nearly everyone on the planet uses, then I’d suggest submitting your podcast here.

Submit your podcast to Google Podcasts here.

4) Amazon Music

Another late comer to the podcast party. Launching is 2020, Amazon Music allow podcasts to be in their platform.

This is an important one as it’s so integrated into the Alexa ecosystem that will allow a huge amount of listeners to be able to use their smart speaker devices to listen to your podcast.

Submit your podcast to Apple Music here.

5) TuneIn Radio

I feel like TuneIn has been around for a long, long time. It’s still a firm favourite radio and now podcast player, most likely amongst the older generation.

But don’t knock it’s, it’s a solid platform with a large listener base. It will be a smart move to get your podcast listed on this directory.

Submit your podcast to TuneIn Radio here.

6) Stitcher

Stitcher is another radio platform which feels like it’s been around forever.

It’s actually one of the top podcast directories around with millions of listeners that use it.

Stitcher is also one of the top podcast producers around at the moment and probably produce one or two of your favourite podcasts.

Submit your podcast to Stitcher here.

7) iHeartRadio

Another great podcast producer who also happens to have one of the most popular podcast directories as well.

However, sadly it’s appears to be limited by certain geographies.

Submit your podcast to iHeartRadio here.

I've been a digital marketing professional for many years working on a wide range of clients. In my past life I used to work in the radio world and thus combined the two into world of podcasting. I just want to help people get into podcasting and share all my advice and tips so people can start creating awesome audio content of their own.

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